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When I finish a series on Netflix


  • Amy Poehler: Very quickly, before I get offstage, a few weeks ago, Seth Meyers and I went to go to dinner and by mistake we traded credit cards and he talked about it on his show. And I had his credit card for a while and I had some fun with it. I took my family to San Francisco for the weekend.
  • Nick Kroll: Very generous of you.
  • Poehler: Tonight, I’d like to continue that generosity and donate $5,000, in my name, on Seth’s credit card.
  • Kroll: Seth, are you okay with that? Is Seth okay with that, or no?
  • Poehler: Seth, are you okay with that? I’m sure you’re cool with that, right?
  • Meyers: Well, I feel like you’ve constructed a situation where it would be impossible to say no, that I wasn’t cool with that.
  • Poehler: Well, if you don’t want to give your money on the credit card, then just tell all of these people.
  • Meyers: No, I think it’s fine. I think it’s good that we’re doing this.
  • Poehler Great. Thank you, Seth, in my name, for donating the money.
  • Meyers: $5,000 in your name on my credit card. I’m happy to do it. But please, can I have my credit card back? [Amy returns card.]
  • Kroll: And can I say, Seth, it’s so generous of Amy to do that.
  • Poehler: Sometimes you have to dig deep.
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